How to catch the serial killer

    Batman Arkham Knight: Guide to Catching the Serial Killer, Line Up at the Butcher [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    How to catch the serial killer


    Let's see how to complete one of the game's side quests.

    How to catch the serial killer

    "The perfect crime" is one of Batman Arkham Knight's "wanted" side missions. In this mission it is necessary find and scan the mutilated bodies of the serial killer's victims.

    The video you can see above shows where all the bodies of the people killed are located, but remember that not all will be available immediately, but you will have to advance in the history of the game to have access to the latest murders. Here are the positions of the bodies shown in the video:

    Body # 1 - Bleake Island - 0:05
    Body # 2 - Bleake Island - 1:28
    Corpo #3 - Founders' Island - 3:01
    Corpo #4 - Founders' Island - 4:12
    Body # 5 - Miagani Island - 5:27 am
    Body # 6 - Miagani Island - 6:44 am
    Professor Pyg (Boss) - 7:40

    After finding all the bodies you will have to go on the trail of the serial killer Professor Pyg, defeat him and lock him up in the police station, then You will also unlock the "In line at the Butcher's" Trophy / Objective

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