How to find all Rorke

    Call of Duty Ghosts: Rorke Collectible Files Guide

    How to find all Rorke


    New guide to collectibles for the most avid completists: let's look for all the Rorke files hidden in the levels of Call of Duty Ghosts.

    How to find all Rorke

    In Call of Duty Ghosts abbiamo 18 file Rorke to find to unlock the Trophy / Achievement "Archivist". The campaign missions are 18 in total, and in each of them a single Rorke file is hidden.

    Before leaving you to a couple of videos that both show you where to find all the Rorke files, I remind you that as soon as you collect one the progress is automatically and immediately saved. This means that if you are replaying a mission (you can do it from the "Select chapter" menu) on purpose to retrieve one of these that you had not taken previously, as soon as you collect it you can exit without reaching the next checkpoint, the progress on the collectibles will be saved anyway.

    To check where you are you can use the appropriate summary menu accessible from the main menu of the game.

    Here are the videos showing where all the Rorke files are, for other guides do not forget to consult the card Call of Duty Ghosts cheats and guides.

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