How to make GIFs from videos

How to make GIFs from videos

How to make GIFs from videos? Regardless of how you choose to pronounce the word, a GIF is often the perfect way to express emotions. These animated images can say more than 1.000 words that a photo expresses, but it is also more “palatable” than a full-fledged video. Have you ever wondered what they are like? Today we are here to show you how to make GIFs from a video. After this tutorial, you could be the one to create the next viral GIF.

How to make GIFs from videos? Use Giphy

Many automated online services can create GIFs. Among them are Ezgif, Gfycat and Giphy. Today we will use the latter, which has long been considered a champion in creating GIFs from videos… unbeatable. This is likely due to their extensive library, ease of use, and quality. It's also easy to share these creations with the world, making Giphy an ever-growing GIF machine.

The process should be similar as with other online GIF creators, but here's how you can make your own with Giphy.

  1. Using any browser, go to
  2. Awards Crea in the upper right corner to access GIF Maker.
  3. You will see three options available, which allow you to create one of the images or videos that you can upload. Alternatively, you can enter a URL for any online video including those on Youtube or Vimeo. Videos must be less than 100MB or 15 seconds in length.
  4. Use the sliders to select the start time and duration.
  5. Select Continue to decorate. Now you can customize it with captions, filters, stickers and drawings.
  6. Select Continue to upload at the end.
  7. Select the tags and press Upload to Giphy.

How to do it with your smartphone

It was pretty straightforward. Now imagine making a GIF with your smartphone. You could technically use Giphy's GIF maker from your device's browser, but there is a mobile-friendly solution - a better idea for creating funny GIFs on the go.

1. How to use an iPhone to create a GIF

If you are using an iPhone, you can create GIFs with photos taken using live Photos. All you need is a three second cutscene. How do you know if you are taking a live photo? Check out the little icon on the top right of the camera. Once the photo is taken, view it in the gallery and swipe up. You choose loop o Bounce to create your GIF.

And this is all! You now have a GIF to share however you like. To share your GIF, tap theShare icon, which looks like a box with an arrow looking up. Choose where you want to share it. You can send your GIFs via AirDrop, Messages, Mail, or the social media apps you have downloaded.

2. How to use Android to create a GIF

If you own a 2017 or later Google Pixel, you have access to Motion Photos. These steps will work if you have the latest version of the operating system installed - open the settings area of  camera touching thegear icon top left photo app. From here, activate Photo in motion, then take your picture.

To convert your moving photo into a GIF, open Google Photos and choose the moving photo you want to turn into a GIF. Touch theicon a three points in the upper right corner and choose Export. You can choose how to export Motion Photo. Choose GIF. This will convert your image; you will be notified when finished. Find the GIF in the Google Photos gallery, then share.

If you don't have a Pixel or prefer to simplify the process with an app, try GIPHY Cam. Easily transform videos on your smartphone and add special effects, text and filters. The free app is available for iPhone and Android. You can use GIFs you create via text or social media, so create an account and follow the onscreen instructions.

You will need to authorize the app to access your camera and photo library to create GIFs from your live photos, so you can choose from several filters to add embellishments. When done, simply save the file and you can find it in your photo app.

Create a GIF using Photoshop

Those who want to get serious with their GIFs can use Photoshop. This professional-grade software is not free and not cheap, but it gives you more freedom to customize them as you wish.

  1. Open Photoshop using your computer.
  2. Go to Fillet.
  3. Place the cursor on Import and select Video frames on layers ... .
  4. Select a video and press apri.
  5. If the whole video will become the GIF, leave the option From start to finish.
  6. To trim the video, select the option Selected range only and use the crop controls to specify the start and end. You can also limit the frames used.
  7. You can now edit your layers / frame like any other image in Photoshop. Color correction, exposure, contrast and highlights are just some of the options available.
  8. When you're ready to export, select Fillet, place the cursor on Export and select Save for Web (Legacy) ...
  9. You can play around with the settings here, or you can just press Save.

Here are the ways to make a GIF from a video. You can use sophisticated software, a simple app, or an online tool. Regardless of your choice, make sure your GIF is fun. In the end, that's all that matters.

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