How to park rare cars in the garage in GTA Online

GTA 5: How to Rescue Rare Cars (Police, Ambulance, etc) in the Garage


Here is a really absurd trick (but how the heck do they find out) to save police cars, firefighters, ambulances, etc. in your garage.

How to park rare cars in the garage in GTA Online

Among the millions and millions of ions of billions of games played in GTA Online, someone has discovered this game glitch that allows you to do something that is not normally allowed to do. In fact, if you go with a police car, fire truck, or any other rare vehicle near your garage, the door will not open, but a message will appear warning you that it is not possible to save that type of vehicle in the garage. Here is a way around this restriction.

- Take one of these vehicles and make sure you lose the door on the driver's side (do as shown in the video, after getting in, leave it open and break it against a pole or tree);
- Go to your garage and park the car by touching the front nose on the garage door, as already explained this will not open;
- Get out, aim away from the car, towards the rear of the vehicle. As you do so, approach the driver's side and when you are close, press the key to get into the car.

If you've done everything correctly, and if the glitch hasn't been patched yet, you'll end up with the car inside your garage, exactly as shown in the video below.

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