How to play Gwent

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: guida completa al Gwent [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]

    How to play Gwent


    Let's see how the game invented by the dwarves works that has enchanted Witchers, nobles and commoners for centuries.

    How to play Gwent

    Gwent is a particular game introduced in The Witcher 3 made of 150 cards divided into 4 factions:

    - Northern kingdoms
    - Empire of Nilfgaard
    - Monsters
    - Scoia'tael

    Each player must have a complete deck for at least one faction in order to participate in a game of Gwent. The deck must include a minimum of 22 unit cards and a maximum of 10 special cards. Unit cards can be made up of faction specific units or neutral cards, if a player has more than 22 cards, he can choose to omit them in favor of a better hand.

    The goal in Gwent is quite simple: make sure that the total strength of your cards on the table is greater than that of the opponent.

    At the beginning of the game, players show 10 cards from their deck, with the possibility of raising up to two of those cards (usually the weakest or the lowest strategic value), a coin determines who goes first.

    Players place various unit cards in one of three corresponding levels: Close Combat, Ranged Combat, and Siege. Some cards have bonus abilities, such as adding extra strength to cards in their row or relaunching discarded units.

    Many cards have their own unique abilities or abilities that can be used for different purposes during a game turn. Here are what they are:

    Ability Effect
    Agile It can be placed in either close combat or ranged combat. It cannot move after the card has been placed.
    Medic Choose a card from those discarded. Heroes or other special cards are excluded.
    Morale Boost It adds +1 strength to each card in its row, excluding itself.
    Pattern Find any card with the same name in the deck and play them instantly.
    Tight Bond Doubles the strength of both cards when placed next to a unit of the same type.
    Vomit Place the opponent on the battlefield (count towards their total strength), then draw two cards from your deck.

    Special cards
    In addition to the bonus skill cards we have just seen, there are special cards that provide strategic bonuses when used. Here are what they are:

    À la Carte Ability
    Commander's Horn Double the strength of all units in a row (one per row).
    Decoy Swap with a card on the battlefield to return to the deck.
    Scorch It destroys all the strongest cards of the opponent in play.
    WEATHER CARDS (tempo)
    Biting Frost Set the value of all Close Combat cards to 1. It does not work on Hero cards
    Impenetrable Fog Set the value of all Ranged Combat cards to 1. It does not work on Hero cards
    Torrential Rain Set the value of all Siege cards to 1. It does not work on Hero cards
    Clear Weather Reset all time effects active on the field.

    Where to find all the cards
    Very soon we will publish a guide with all the possible indications to find all the cards. Stay tuned...

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