How to rotate PC screen

How to rotate PC screen

Have you ever wanted to watch videos in portrait mode? Or maybe you want to read your Twitter or Facebook feed in full screen. If you are a programmer and want to see your computer screen vertically, here's how to rotate your PC screen.

On Windows, the ability to flip PC screen can come in handy in many scenarios. For example, if you are a programmer using an external monitor, rotating the screen to portrait mode can improve efficiency when viewing code. 

If you're using a tablet, Windows screen rotation can be a better way to read a book or document. You can even flip the screen to prank a friend or to return to landscape mode after accidentally invoking the rotation shortcut.

Whatever the reason, Windows 10 includes several ways to rotate the screen in landscape, portrait, or upside down mode using the Settings app and keyboard shortcuts or via the vendor's graphical control panel software.

How to rotate your PC screen

To rotate the screen on a Windows 10 PC, all you need to do is open the Windows search bar, type “rotate screen” and click Open. Then click on the Display Orientation drop-down menu and ...

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon in the lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Then type “rotate screen” in the search bar and click Open.
  3. Click the Display Orientation drop-down box and choose an option. You will see this option in Scale and Layout.

    Note: If you have multiple monitors, make sure you first select the correct monitor at the top of the View menu. If you want to know more about how to set up dual monitors on your Windows 10 PC, check out our guide here.

    You can choose from one of the following options:

    • modality horizontal : the choosing this will rotate the screen to the default orientation.
    • Portrait mode: the choosing this will rotate the screen 270 degrees, so the screen will be vertical.
    • Landscape mode (upside down): choosing this option will flip the screen 180 °.
    • Portrait mode (upside down): the choosing this will rotate the screen 90 degrees, so it will be vertical and upside down.
  4. Press Esc on your keyboard if you want to return to the screen orientation you had before.

How to turn the PC screen with keyboard shortcuts

You can rotate your Windows 10 PC screen with keyboard shortcuts. To rotate the screen, press the Ctrl + Alt + right / left arrow keys at the same time. To flip the screen, press the Ctrl + Alt + up / down arrow keys at the same time.

How to rotate your computer screen:

  • Hold down and press the Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow. Holding and pressing these buttons will rotate the screen to its default position, which is landscape orientation.
  • Hold and press Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow. This will cause the screen to flip or 180 degrees.
  • Hold down and press Ctrl + Alt + Left Arrow. This will rotate the screen 270 degrees.
  • Hold and press Ctrl + Alt + Right Arrow. This will rotate the screen 90 degrees.

If these shortcuts don't work for you, right-click on the desktop and select Intel Graphics Settings. Then click Options & Support> Keyboard Shortcut Manager. If you don't see the screen rotation shortcuts, they're not available on your PC.

How to turn PC screen using Settings

Here's how you flip your PC screen via Settings:

  1. apri Settings.
  2. click on System.
  3. click on Display.
  4. In the "Rearrange your screens" section, select the screen you want to rotate (if applicable). Landscape, portrait, landscape (upside down) and portrait (upside down).
  5. In the “Scale and Layout” section, use the drop-down menu Display orientation to select one of the orientations.
  6. Rotate the monitor as needed according to the selected orientation.
  7. Click the button Keep changes.

Once the steps are completed, the display will change to your preferred orientation. If the rotation option is disabled or the keyboard shortcuts don't work, you may need to update your video drivers. 

Now that you know how to rotate your computer screen, check out our article on how to cast screen from Android to TV.

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