How to unlock Borderlands 2 extra costumes and hats

    Borderlands 2 - Costume guide and bonus unlockable hats

    How to unlock Borderlands 2 extra costumes and hats


    Though Borderlands 2 at the beginning of the game it does not offer many options for character customization, as the adventure continues in the world of Pandora it is possible to unlock a lot of costumes and bonus hats to make our alter ego cooler.

    How to unlock Borderlands 2 extra costumes and hats

    There are several ways to unlock alternative clothing in Borderlands 2: killing certain bosses, completing particular missions or challenges. Unfortunately, the piece obtained is always random, so we cannot make a precise map of the unlockable items and what needs to be done to get them. However, we can give you some indications on what needs to be done to have the opportunity to unlock them.

    Before starting I remind you that in the Borderlands 2 cheats tab there are many other guides dedicated to this fantastic game, do not forget to take a look at them.


    Hats can be unlocked:

    - by completing these missions: "Symbiosis", "In Memoriam" and "Statuesque"

    - by completing the "To Pay the Bills" challenge

    - sconfiggendo i boss della missione: “Best Mother’s Day Ever” e “Where Angels Fear to Tread”

    - defeating the first two objectives of "The Talon of God"

    - defeating the goal of “You. Will. Die. (Seriously) "


    Costumes can be unlocked:

    - completing all the challenges you will unlock about 33;

    - as items of the day in vending machines (about 8 costumes)

    - 2 more can be won on slot machines

    - by completing the following missions:
            "This Town Ain’t Big Enough"
            "No Vacancy"
            "The Cold Shoulder"
            "The Overlooked: Medicine Man"
            "Capture the Flags"
            "To Grandmother’s House We Go"
            "Cordially Invited: Party Prep"
            "Shielded Favors"

    - by defeating the bosses and some particular enemies you will get about 15 others.

    How to unlock the veteran costume from the first Borderlands

    In addition to these, it is also possible to unlock "Veteran" costumes. These can only be unlocked by someone with a first Borderlands save. It is not necessary to have finished the game, you just need to have a save from the previous chapter.

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