Iron Man: The suitcase armor was recreated by an engineer

    Iron Man: The suitcase armor was recreated by an engineer

    The armor of Iron Man, and the character of the Marvel have always fascinated millions of kids and not only because of the characterization of the character, the excellent performer of recent years Robert Downey Jr. that made new generations of fans love the eccentric superhero, but also because of the interest of many to be able to make, or at least get close to, the armor itself. Obviously we are talking about engineers or really capable people in this area, which is probably part of the baggage of this YouTuber. Together with the engineer Jake Laser, in fact, they made the famous suitcase armor which, for your convenience, you can see in the video at the top of the article.

    The couple is certainly not new to these ideas, as together they have already worked hard to make some superhero equipment. The Marvel movies like the sneakers of Black Panther or the "disinfection guns" of Spider-Man that spray hand sanitizer. This time, however, they wanted to raise the bar of difficulty, trying to make a foldable Iron Man suit that can be stored inside the suitcase.

    In the movie lasting 20 minutes we can see a good part of the realization process (which however took more than 100 hours). The suit is made from more than 100 lbs of cold rolled steel, made up of several dozen parts, most of which must fit perfectly with the adjacent ones. The final result, as you can see, is really excellent, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view, although there do not seem to be components that automatically work like those of the famous films.

    However, we are faced with an important job, which the engineer himself wanted to define as a prototype which, with some revisions and updates, will be able to undergo improvements and functionality, managing to automate some elements and make them less clumsy.

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