Max Payne 3 - Guide to grinds [This was enough for me and advanced]

    Max Payne 3 - Guide to grinds [This was enough for me and advanced]

    Max Payne 3 - Guide to grinds [This was enough for me and advanced]


    Le sgobbate are one of the innovations introduced in Max Payne 3. It is a sort of challenges (such as "kill a thousand thousand enemies while pushing your nose") that we will have to complete cumulatively, that is by performing these actions in the course of one or more single campaigns and in Arcade mode.

    Some grinds are quite simple and you will complete them almost unwittingly during the Campaign, while others are a little more demanding and you will certainly need a little help. By completing them all you will also unlock an achievement / Trophy:

    This was enough for me and advanced - Complete all Grinds in single player mode

    In this guide, we cover the hardest grinds with suggestions on the best places to complete them. In these places you can continually reload the checkpoint to accumulate the kills you need until the grind is complete.


    • Dodge Brawl (Kill 1.000 enemies during the Shotdoge): Chapter 8 - Checkpoint 5.
    • Take A Load Off (Kill 250 enemies while lying on the ground): Chapter 8 - Checkpoint 5. Do it together with the previous one. Once the Shotdoge's dive is over, stay on the ground and keep killing enemies to score these kills too.
    • Slow Dive (Perform an 8 second Shotdodge): Chapter 3 - Checkpoint 14. Climb to the top of the bleachers and jump in, use the bullet time to the end and you will have it with no problem.
    • Wreckage (destroy 200 vehicles): Chapter 14 - Checkpoint 12. You will have quite a few vehicles available here.
    • Guesswork (Kill 250 enemies by shooting blindly): Chapter 10 - Checkpoint 14. While covering behind cover, fire without aiming.
    • Back from the Dead (Win 250 Last Man Standing): Chapter 8 - Checkpoint 5. When you are killed and you still have painkillers you have a chance to take revenge. Try this point where you will start with 5 easy difficulty pain relievers. Get down and then use them.
    • Fire Works (shoots 250 explosives in the air): Chapter 14 - Checkpoint 10. The boss will keep shooting grenades at you. Keep shooting them while they are in the air, use aim assist to make it easier.
    • Scrapper (kill 150 enemies with melee attacks): Chapter 1 - Checkpoint 2. Plenty of enemies to take your time. Play on easy difficulty and it will be a breeze.
    • Fall Guys (causes 250 enemies to fall): Chapter 10 - Checkpoint 7. Count every time you knock enemies off any ledge. After reloading this checkpoint you can shoot the platform the two enemies are on and drop them.
    • Eagle Eye (kill 100 enemies with the sniper rifle): Chapter 12 - Checkpoint 10. This is a good spot to get a lot of sniper rifle kills.


    what has just been written is all shown in the following video

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