Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

The world of Metro Exodus it is a very dangerous place to shoot and that is why knowing how to survive is one of the minimum requirements to be able to start running around the barren, desolate lands but above all full of slightly aggressive monsters.

In this regard, in the guide that follows we will get to know the crafting system of the objects within the game, paying attention to the objects that the developers of 4A Games they left along the way to give us a modicum of chance of survival.

This goes here and that goes there

For those wondering, no, in Metro Exodus it is not possible to create your own homemade potato shooter (unfortunately). However it is possible "Craft" a lot of other survival stuff in a post-apocalyptic world. In fact, in the title you will have a wide choice of ammunition to be built with the appropriate materials: for pistols, for assault rifles, for shotguns, for snipers and finally for special weapons (which have their own type of ammunition apart).

But the use of the work tables it is also extended to much more, in fact it is also possible to create filters for gas masks (very useful since in different areas the air is unbreathable), grenades, Molotov cocktails and even practical medium kits, which certainly can always be useful . It is also possible to improve your equipment between armor and various helmets, as long as you find the forms needed around the game world.

Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

Instructions for Use

In Metro Exodus there are two different methods of approaching crafting. The first is through it backpack to shoulder: with this method you can create medium kits, filters for masks and ammunition for special weapons (only for the latter, for the other two weapons that you will have with you - and that you will use for most of the game - you will need a work table) . In short, the backpack allows you to build only objects essential to survival.

For the work tables instead it is "a different kettle of fish", so to speak. In fact, with the latter you can create everything that the game makes available but to do so you will have to go specifically to one of these work tables.

Finding one of these locations is not too difficult, in fact it will be enough to go to Aurora (the train that you will use as your main base during the game) or to one of the various safe house, if you can find them. In fact, these locations are not marked on the map until you discover them (at which point they will be marked with a green icon). Usually one safe house is located near a point of interest (marked on the map with a practical question mark).

Once decided on crafting method to use the following step is easy. In fact the interfaces of the two instruments are similar and the operation too. It looks for the object from craft and if you have the necessary components in your inventory then you can build it without problems, otherwise it might be a good idea to spend a few minutes (now) looking for "Useful junk".

Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

Fantastic components and where to find them

In order to recognize the components the game is easy, there are only two types of components mechanical and chemical ones (marked in the inventory with two practical and very intuitive icons: a gear and an ampoule).

Instead, to find the components it will be necessary to go around the map looking for crates, barrels, lockers, shelves, bedside tables ... in short, every place can be useful to find components, especially if that place has an abandoned and dilapidated air (and it is also chock full of enemies or unclean beasts).

Of course you can dropping components also from the bodies of enemies - only humans, animals and monsters do not usually carry backpacks loaded with components - you will certainly be accused of looting, but if that enhanced helmet saves you from a precise blow to the head, the end justifies the means.

also the weaponry left on the ground by enemies can become components, as long as the weapon on the ground and the one you have in your hand are the same (in this case, by collecting the weapon its components will be immediately added to the inventory). Otherwise, the weapon will be substituted for the one you have in your hand and the latter will end up in your inventory.

A final method to obtain useful components is to dismantle the items you have with you - this will guarantee you only 20% of the components you used to create them - so it is a method to be used only in truly desperate cases.

Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

A matter of priority

Despite in Metro Exodus it is relatively easy to find components for crafting let's not forget that it is still a survival and that resources are extremely limited, which is why it is important to prioritize the objects to be created.

For example, if you are short of components - less than a hundred per category - maybe you should think carefully about what is worth building first. Maybe if you are short of medium kits it may be a good idea to build another one as a spare (you know that if you don't, you'll regret it within the next twenty minutes). Or you are about to cross one contaminated area where running out of mask filters means instant death, well in that case you should evaluate your stock of filters (one more never hurts).

This also applies to ammunition, in fact, having the possibility to create on the fly only those for special weapons, perhaps it is a good idea to evaluate how much ammunition you have left for the main weapons and then decide whether to use those 50 components left for some bullets in more stock.

In short, being in excess of one of these three things can only have two meanings: either you are really good and you have carefully considered what your survival priorities are. Or the developers of 4A Games they predicted that you will soon have to make a lot of use of it.

The right boost

As previously stated, in Metro Exodus You can also upgrade your armor (breastplate, helmet, mask, etc.), but you won't need any materials to do so. In fact you will need upgrade modules that you can find in the most disparate locations around the game world.

You can find different types of upgrades, for example a tempered glass lining for the helmet, or an extra bag for the ammo to carry. However these boosts are single, you cannot have more than one per item.

Obviously when you find a module the game will tell you what it is with a specific description. To find these materials you will have to do main missions (also exploring the corner hidden by the shadows behind that closet over there) or go and look in particular points of interest on the map, such as the bandit camps. Once you have found a module that interests you, you will have to go to a work table and mount it on the compatible object.

Metro Exodus - Guide to crafting and necessary components

A few tricks

Before concluding this article let's see some tricks to manage and improve the use of the resources collected:

  • Avoid throwing away ammunition. Usually a well-placed headshot will silence even the most stubborn bandit
  • Don't jump from too high places. A bad jump can be a big problem as you will then need to waste a medi kit to mend yourself
  • Act stealth. If you are running out of ammo, being quiet can be important, or that or you need to find a way to blow up all the enemies in one go.
  • Save the drops. Usually it happens to forget some objects dropped on the street during firefights or during mini-boss battles, it is a good habit to pay attention to what is on the ground
  • Move quickly in areas with no breathing air. If you have about five minutes of oxygen left in the filter and you don't have a spare it is advisable to stop staring at the texture of that pile of rocks and get out of the contaminated area quickly.

With these small but useful tips we conclude our guide to crafting Metro Exodus and we remind you that the title was made available on February 15th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One e PC. If you are interested in other guides regarding the game, here you will find one dedicated to the mutants that you can meet during your explorations.

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