Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board game

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board game

The successful collaboration between Hasbro e Nintendo, after the success of the first edition of Monopoly Gamer, produced the second edition of the board game that perfectly mixes one of the most famous board games ever with the electrifying universe of Mario Kart, in the new: Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition.

The collaboration between Hasbro and Nintendo continues to surprise by hosting the most loved and well-known rally tracks in the latest edition of Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart. Mario gets back on board his racing car and is ready for a new challenge together with all his fellow adventures on the new game board. Two giants of fun together again to the delight of fans, young and old!

Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board gameMario and his companions leave the screens again

It seems that the success of the first Monopoly Gamer gave an extra boost to the two companies, who wanted to introduce the beautiful kart racing system inside the boxes of Monopoly. Mario and his teammates are ready to fight each other on the board with no holds barred. There are many innovations within this particular version of the game, starting with the upgrade die, passing through the power ups, up to the fearsome banana boxes.

Monopoly it is certainly one of the best known board games in the world, after more than 80 years of history it has managed to thrill millions of players in more than 110 countries around the world. One of the secrets of this immense success is certainly the ability to continually modernize, introducing every time many innovations, new rules and, above all, new versions mixed with highly appealing brands, such as the version Star Wars, Avengers, or the latest version Monopoly Cheat Edition which invites players to cheat without getting caught to win the game.Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board game


For sure the general rules of Monopoly we certainly don't have to tell you, also because they are all aimed at accumulating wealth by trampling on everything that stands in front of them. On this occasion, as for its previous edition, Mario Kart enters strongly into the dynamics of the game, varying the common dynamics of the game, adapting them to what the players of the nice videogames are used to knowing.

Inside Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart (from 2 to 4 players) only the pieces of Mario, Peach, Luigi and Toad are contained, but the most demanding players can buy new characters separately, each with its own skill cards. The ultimate goal is to reach the highest number of points by collecting coins, buying properties and, as in any racing game, winning the Grand Prix. In this version, the classic banknotes are replaced by the more "classic" coins, which can be collected around the board or by dropping them from the pockets of other players.Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board game

Among the funniest dynamics we certainly find that of "bananas": it is possible to choose to throw some banana tokens, which force players to stop on that square during their turn. As if that weren't enough, every character has a special ability, which can be activated every time our pawn lands on a “Super Star“ space, and its use is really fun and useful for your game strategy. In addition to these new dynamics, a particular upgrade die has also been added, which will be thrown together with the classic D6, and which will provide an object that can be used during the turn:

  1. Blue Shell - Hits any character and drops 3 coins;
  2. Green Shell - Hits the character in front of you and drops a coin.
  3. Lightning - Drops all opponents a coin;
  4. The Banana - Blocks an opponent for a turn;
  5. Coins - immediately give the player 3 coins;

Like every Monopoly respecting oneself, some typical boxes have remained such as the prison and some places to buy, obviously renamed according to the circuits that appeared in the last chapters of Mario Kart. Always retracing the peculiarities of the video game, on the board we find some boxes that give a speed boost (an extra six die), in addition to the blocks Twomp who drop coins to those who finish the turn on top of them; There are also the magical mystery boxes, which will donate coins based on a random roll of the dice.

Among the funniest dynamics of this Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart, we certainly find the Grand Prix, which can be activated every time you pass over them or restart from the initial box. In this case the players must uncover the first card of the "racing" deck, then everyone decides whether to participate in the competition through the payment of coins, and finally the podium is established by throwing a dice and the prizes are distributed according to the placement. . The Final Race, on the other hand, foresees only one winner. At the end of the game, the scores of the races won, the properties purchased, and the coins combine to create the final pool of points.Monopoly Gamer: Mario Kart Edition - Review of the latest Hasbro board game

Final Rush

Surely this mix is ​​well suited to all fans of both games and, considering that it is sold at a very affordable price, it could be one of your favorite pastimes. Unlike the classic Monopoly, this edition has a regulation completely adapted to the background theme, so as to be able to better reproduce on the board a real competition of Mario Kart. Even gamers less attracted to board games, but lovers of the universe Nintendo will be able to approach this game, not only for the settings, but also for fresh and really fun dynamics.

As expected from Hasbro, the materials of the board, dice, miniatures and coins are all of good quality (considering the selling price 25 €). At this point you just have to choose your favorite character, get on the "saddle" of your go-kart and participate in this reckless race on the board of Monopoly

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