"Mystical Filter" Objective / Trophy Guide

    Lightning Returns FFXIII: cheats to collect infinite chaos soul seeds


    Here's a much easier way to collect lots of Soul of Chaos seeds.

    "Mystical Filter" Objective / Trophy Guide

    The seeds are purple in color and only appear in Chaos, the dark regions that meet randomly while playing. Within each Chaos Zone, depending on its size, there may be from 0 to 4 seeds to collect. When you reach 100 soul seeds you can sell them to seed merchants like Baird (there are 4, one for each continent) to unlock the "Risky Collection" and "Mystical Filter" achievements and also get the Elixir, a very powerful potion. which, from now on, you can buy from seed merchants.

    So here is a trick that will allow you to accumulate many soul seeds in a short time.

    Important: Check out the Lightning Returns cheat sheet for other guides such as the guide to unlockable costumes, cheats to earn money, the solution to beat all the bosses and many more.

    First of all, complete the secondary mission "Safari of Death". This mission becomes available after mission 2-2 of the main story and as a reward it will give you a ticket to participate in the "Fatal game". In this other mission you will have to face enemies in a chaos area that therefore contains seeds.

    To make the seeds appear you will have to let the time go by, if you use Chronostasis you will block the respawn of the seeds. On average 2 suits will appear every hour of time (game clock) provided you have won at least one battle.

    You will therefore have to move like this:

    - win a battle
    - collect the seeds
    - let one hour pass (game clock)
    - repeat from the beginning as many times as you want

    If the time of the mission expires (resulting in failure) or if you abandon it before finishing, you will keep all the seeds collected and you will have the opportunity to replay the mission, continuing to collect seeds indefinitely.

    Here is a video showing the trick just described, good luck!

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