Nintendo Wii: this is how the logo could have been

    Nintendo Wii: this is how the logo could have been

    The home console Nintendo returns to talk about itself thanks to a company book showing all the logos discarded for Wii. The limited edition manual reports several dozen brands proposed but never used to identify the console. Seeing some of these logos it is possible to see how the company intended to promote its new device to the public, going from the representation of funny smiley faces to the phrase "the beginning of a new era", coming to create others much stranger, as you can. see among the photos of the tweet of Nintendo Memories shown below, which says: “Test logos of Nintendo Wii taken from the NCL 2007 company manual. "

    Nintendo #Wii tentative logos from the NCL 2007 Company Book.

    "Wii beginning new era" ?
    Nintendo Weiird ?

    - Nintendo Memories (@NintendoMemo) January 27, 2021

    Nintendo Wii, which came out on the market 14 years ago, was a great success for the company. At the time, the Japanese company tried to distinguish its home console from the other two giants such as Microsoft products e Sony, managing to carve out its own slice of the public following GameCube, which did not shine as brightly as it possibly could have. What he wanted to convey required an important logo, which was able to show a new product in an intelligent, brilliant and functional way. With these logo proposals it is possible to see the work that was required of the graphic designers and what the company was aiming for, without the fans knowing anything.

    As often happens, we do not know the background and the work required to create a new console or a video game, and many of these will never be discovered because the documents are usually destroyed, or lost, and never brought to light. Sometimes, however, a piece of the puzzle comes to the surface, as happened with these logos, allowing fans to discover an interesting little detail about the development of a console that they loved and that maybe even now they use.

    To date we know that Nintendo succeeded in its intent and adequately and successfully promoted its new console, selling more than 100 million worldwide and thus grossing five times more than its precursor. This success has allowed Nintendo to experiment with new things, reaching today's great success with its most recent switch.

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