Outriders: The next expansions will be huge and with new stories

    Outriders: The next expansions will be huge and with new stories

    Through an interview with the creative director of People Can Fly, Bartek Kmita e Piotr Nowakowski, Lead Game Designer, held by Paul Tassi of Forbes, some information has been revealed about the expansions of Outriders. While it is not intended as a game as a service, the developers have stated that they will not abandon the game in its current form

    In fact, if players like the title, there will be great expansions defined as "significant" with autonomous stories. It is not yet clear the nature of these additional content, nor if they will be a payment or free of charge. We just have to wait for future declarations or announcements in this regard.

    Numerous other topics were also touched upon during the interview. The game was designed as one shooter with Gears of War covers, but the developers have voluntarily given players the opportunity to adopt a more aggressive style of play.

    Another question was about the numerous uploads between one section of the map and another. They stated that it is a precise choice to ensure that players do not get too scattered in the maps, and that they agree together on where to go. during the cooperative.

    Also the choice to allow the training of teams of only three members although there are four classes present it is reasoned, in fact there was the precise desire to impress one strategic choice in the composition of the teams. In addition, there are currently no plans for modes with more than three players.

    The inspiration behind the game are not titles like Destiny and similar, but rather Diablo, considered by the developers to be the best in its category. We were therefore keen to reiterate that the game is not conceived as a game as a service.

    About the legendary weapons, the developers said they don't remember their exact number, as this has changed a lot over the course of development. They are still deciding if insert level cap increases. All that remains is to wait for new information on the Outriders expansions. If you would like to know more about the game, we leave you to our review on the first hours of the game, accessible from here.

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