Play at Home: 9 free games for PS4 and PS5 available today

    Play at Home: 9 free games for PS4 and PS5 available today

    Good news for the owners of PS4 e PlayStation 5, starting today (until next April 23) it will be possible download for free on your consoles i Giochi 9 that were previously announced for the program Play at Home Sony, which aims to offer the PlayStation community entertainment offers and free games to make the next few months (also given the historical period we are going through) a little more fun. Here are the titles available:

    • Abzu - From the creators of Journey, Flower and The Pathless, ABZÛ is a beautiful underwater adventure that evokes the dream of scuba diving. Dive into a vibrant marine world, full of mysteries and awash with color and life.
    • Enter the Gungeon - Firefighting dungeon exploration game that follows a band of outcasts as they seek self-absolution through shooting, looting, dodging and tipping tables to reach Gungeon's legendary ultimate treasure - the weapon that kills the past.
    • Rez Infinite - An exciting VR journey of sensory experiences and action, remastered and enhanced by members of the original development team exclusively for PS4 and (optional) PlayStation VR.
    • Subnautica - After crash landing in an alien aquatic world, the only direction you can follow is downward. Subnautica's oceans range from sunny shallow coral reefs to treacherous deep-sea pits, lava fields, and bioluminescent underwater rivers. Water teems with life: some of it is useful, most of it is hostile.
    • The Witness - Single player title set in a freely navigable world with dozens of scenarios and over 500 puzzles. This game respects your intelligence and the value of your time. There are no fillers. Each puzzle contributes to the experience by bringing a new idea. In essence, it is a game full of ideas.
    • Astro Bot Rescue Missio - Discover platform games like you've never seen them before thanks to PlayStation VR in this exciting rescue operation. Take control of Astro on an epic adventure to rescue his crew.
    • Moss - Single-player adventure puzzle game, as well as a new IP created by Polyarc for the VR platform. In Moss, players encounter Quill, a young mouse with big dreams that transcend the boundaries of her colony. While exploring the woods, he finds a mysterious glass relic and awakens an ancient magical power.
    • Thumper - Rhythmic violence: rhythmic action, insane speed and brutal physicality. You are a space bug. Face the hellish void and challenge a giant, delusional head from the future. Each violent impact is accompanied by a thumping original soundtrack. To reach synaesthetic nirvana you have to go through rhythmic hell.
    • Paper Beast - Experience a dreamlike odyssey in virtual reality. Discover a wild ecosystem born of lost data on the internet. Be the first to explore a world populated by exotic and surprising creatures and shape the environment around you to overcome obstacles and puzzles. Unravel the mysteries of Paper Beast, a game born from the imagination of Eric Chahi (Another World, From Dust).

    But that's not all, since starting from April 20 (until to May 15) will join the program Play at Home also Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition, What will be available for free download for all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 owners. To learn more about the post-apocalyptic open world action RPG developed by Guerrilla Games, at the following link you can find our review complete.

    Starting today, you can download a selection of 9 free games as part of #PlayAtHome:
    -Enter the Gungeon
    -Rez Infinite
    -The Witness
    - Astro Bot Rescue Mission
    -Paper Beast

    Full details:

    - PlayStation Europe (@PlayStationEU) March 26, 2021

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