PlayStation 5: PS2 themed version orders canceled due to threats

    PlayStation 5: PS2 themed version orders canceled due to threats

    The company behind the consoles and controllers PlayStation 5 theme PlayStation 2, or SUP3R5, announced via its official account of Twitter that all orders will be canceled. The company said it received security threats from the team, which led to the decision to cancel all orders. SUP3R5 will issue full refunds to its customers. The versions of PlayStation 5 and the Dualense PlayStatoon 2 themed were unofficial retro designs offered in limited quantities. The company would only produce 304 consoles and 500 controllers. However, the process did not go as expected at the moment in which pre-orders were activated starting from January 8, 2021. In fact, the demand turned out to be higher than expected and customers had problems placing orders.

    Many customers have encountered payment issues where they were charged but did not receive the confirmation email. The difficult pre-order situation led SUP3R5 to officially apologize on Twitter after the fact. The company asked consumers to give it "a second chance to prove themselves". Ten hours later, SUP3R5 announced the cancellation and refund of all orders due to team security threats.

    Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their security. We take these threats seriously and are not moving forward as a result. All orders will be canceled with full refund.

    After canceling all orders, SUP3R5 has promised in its Twitter posts that it will refund all PlayStation 5 and PS2 themed controller orders. Furthermore, news of the very last few hours, the official SUP3R5 account is no longer active on Twitter at the current state of things. We do not know why the company's Twitter profile is deleted, but we will update you if further news should arrive.

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