Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Just a few hours ago Nintendo e The Pokémon Company have revealed to the world a lot of news related to Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokémon. Among the leaked information there is also the existence of the Gigamax, a new phenomenon similar to the previously unveiled Dynamax. Gigamax Pokémon not only increase in size, but also change in appearance. Like the Dynamax, the Gigamax makes the Pokémon more powerful, but not only that: it also allows it to use a unique move of its kind, called "Gigamax move". Each of them is unique to Gigamax Pokémon of a particular species; Dynamax Pokémon are unable to use such moves. Only a few rare specimens of certain Pokémon species can gigamaxize, while the others will retain the same appearance when dynamaxizing.

Today, some species of Pokémon capable of gigamaxising have been announced, such as Drednaw and Corviknight. Below we present the characteristics of these pokémon:

Drednaw Gigamax

  • Type: Water / Rock
  • Height:> 24,0 m
  • Weight: ??? kg
  • Skills: Ferromascella / Guscioscudo

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreThe powerful effect of the Gigamax allows it to stand upright on its hind legs, making it bipedal! With the advantage of his posture, he throws himself on the opponent crushing him under the weight of his powerful body. Drednaw usually keeps his retractable neck inside his armor, but when he attacks he is able to quickly extend it. Its jaw is so powerful that it can tear apart huge metal towers. The strength of his jaw combined with that of his neck allows him to pierce a mountain in one fell swoop. Drednaw Gigamax can use Gigarocciajet, which replaces all his Water-type moves. This move, in addition to dealing damage to the opponent, surrounds him with sharp rocks, also damaging the Pokémon that take the field later!

Corviknight Gigamax

  • Type: Steering Wheel / Steel
  • Height:> 14,0 m
  • Weight: ??? kg
  • Skills: Pressure / Agitation

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreCorviknight uses its massive wings to capture the updrafts generated by Gigamax energy and soar during the fight. The armor covering his body is reinforced, making attacks from grounded opponents nearly ineffective. Due to the effect of Gigamax energy, the armor covering Corviknight's wings detaches from its body and forms so-called birds, which are able to fly independently. Corviknight Gigamax's Flying-type moves are replaced by Gigacyclone, which cancels the effect of moves like Reflect and Screen Light!

Alcremie Gigamax

  • Type: Elf
  • Height:> 30,0 m
  • Weight: ??? kg
  • Skills: Dolcevelo

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreThe cream that overflows from his body hardens under the attacks. The stronger the impact, the harder it gets, giving Alcremie a truly impressive resistance to physical attacks. Also, the gigantic decorations on her body are hard as diamonds, so much so that it seems most attacks can't even scratch them. This Pokémon launches high-calorie cream missiles around itself to attack opponents. Whoever touches his cream is pervaded by euphoria and energy, but at the same time sinks into a state of total confusion. All of Alcremie Gigamax's Fairy-type moves are replaced by Gigagranfinale, which in addition to inflicting damage on opponents makes allies recover HP.

But that's not all, in fact The Pokémon Company has revealed a number of other Pokémon found throughout the lands of Galar. Below you will find a list:


  • Category: Fresh Cream Pokémon
  • Type: Elf
  • Height: 0,3 m
  • Weight: 0,5 kg
  • Skills: Dolcevelo

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreAlcremie produces a cream that becomes sweeter and tastier when it is happy. Desserts made with this cream are always delicious, so much so that many award-winning pastry chefs aspire to have it in their kitchens. When attacked, this Pokémon sprays a sweet, fragrant cream that distracts or temporarily blinds the opponent, thus providing them with the opportunity to escape.


  • Category: Puppy Pokémon
  • Type: Electro
  • Height: 0,3 m
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Skills: Ball Collector

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreYamper tends to be attracted to anything that moves quickly. It can chase people and Pokémon, or even vehicles! It is equipped with an organ that generates electricity and is activated when it runs. However, it is unable to store the electricity it produces and is therefore often seen running around surrounded by crackling sparks. Yamper has the Ball Collector Ability, a novelty introduced in these games, which activates when the Trainer throws a Poké Ball at a wild Pokémon but fails to catch it. If Yamper does not have an item with him, he will collect the Poké Ball of the first failed capture attempt, regardless of the type of Poké Ball thrown.


  • Category: Coal Pokémon
  • Type: Rock
  • Height: 0,3 m
  • Weight: 12,0 kg
  • Skills: Vapormacchina / Fireproof

Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreWith his red eye Rolycoly can illuminate dark places. Use the agglomerate of coal attached to the body like a wheel to move nimbly around mines and caves. It has no problems even on the roughest roads. Up until about a hundred years ago, every family in Galar had a Rolycoly in their home. The inhabitants of the region used the coal that was detached from his body to cook and heat the house. Rolycoly has a new ability, Vapormacchina, which greatly increases his Speed ​​if he is hit by a Water or Fire-type move.


  • Category: Metal League Pokémon
  • Type: Steel / Dragon
  • Height: 1,8 m
  • Weight: 40,0 kg
  • Skills: Metal-heavy / Metal-heavy

Duraludon lives in caves and in mountainous areas. Its upper limbs have a slightly different shape, and the Pokémon uses them to crush rocky surfaces in search of food. Its body is made of an incredibly strong yet surprisingly light metal. This gives Duraludon an agility in movement that one would not expect judging from his appearance. Unfortunately, however, its body is subject to corrosion and rusts easily. It shares habitat with Tyranitar, so these two Pokémon are often seen battling in the mountains of Galar.

Among the many news today, information on the new Pokémon league has also been revealedIn fact, in Galar, Pokémon battles are a much loved form of entertainment and the Champion of the region is crowned with a truly exciting championship. To have the opportunity to participate in this great, highly anticipated event, players will first need to face and beat their rivals and challenge the region's Gym Leaders. The Challenge of the Gyms is a true celebration of Pokémon battles. Only Trainers sponsored by certain characters, such as Gym Leaders, can participate and fight for the eight required Badges. During the Challenge of the Gyms each participant wears a uniform made especially for the occasion and each Coach can choose the numbers that characterize his uniform. Once a year a tournament is held in Galar, the famous Champions Cup. In this competition the participants compete for the right to challenge the reigning Champion to try to unseat him from his throne. Only the most gifted Trainers, including those who have successfully completed the Galar Gyms Challenge, will be eligible to participate in the Champion Cup. The matches of the Galar Champion Cup are broadcast live and keep everyone glued to the screens.

The Pokémon Company also gives us the opportunity to find out more about the characters we will meet during our adventure. Here is a brief description of some of them:


Dandel is the strongest coach in all of Galar and has even won the title of Champion in his very first Challenge of the Gyms without suffering even a defeat! To this day he is still unbeaten and continues to collect one victory after another, thanks to his unparalleled talent. To help him in this formidable enterprise is his faithful Charizard, famous for always giving his best in fights, whatever the opponent. The people of Galar love Dandel's unique fighting style.

President RosePokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Rose is the president of the Galar Pokémon League, as well as a large conglomerate of companies. It is he who made the Galar Pokémon League famous by creating Gyms where you can activate the Dynamax phenomenon. He is also the one who originally sponsored Dandel in the Challenge of the Gyms.

OlivePokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Olive, President Rose's secretary, is known for her calm and poised disposition. She also holds the role of Vice President of Rose's corporate group and she is the one who takes care of the routine business of the company.

FabiaPokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Fabia is a prodigy of Galar's karate, heir to centuries-old traditions and techniques. She is an expert on Fighting-type Pokémon and is known for her stoic character and rarely showing her emotions. Even in desperate situations, he always maintains a rigorous fighting style.


Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much moreThis talented Trainer who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon became Gym Leader despite his young age. He is extremely shy and fearful. When he is around people, he always wears a mask that hides his face. It rarely appears in public and is said to spend much of its time among ancient ruins and cemeteries.

But be careful: in fact in some cities of Galar the Gym Leaders that players will be able to face will be different depending on whether they are playing Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield! In Pokémon Sword, Trainers will face Fabia, while in Pokémon Shield they will be able to test their skills by fighting against Onion.Pokémon Sword and Shield: Nintendo unveils Gigamax and much more

Finally, The Pokémon Company reveals that, by purchasing the dual Edition with SteelBook, it will be possible to receive two codes (one per game) with which to obtain special tools known as Dynacristalli. Thanks to the Dynacrystals obtained through these codes, it will be possible to face in special Raid Dynamax Larvitar Dynamax and Jangmo-o Dynamax, two Pokémon that normally meet only later in the game. Additionally, while Larvitar is generally not possible to encounter in Pokémon Sword and Jangmo-or Pokémon Shield during the story, with Dynacrystals it will be possible to make these Pokémon appear in the game.

What do you think of all this information? I also take this opportunity to remind you that Pokémon Sword and Shield will make their debut on the market starting next November 15th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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