Remember Me: Video Complete Solution [360-PS3-PC]

    Remember Me: Video Complete Solution [360-PS3-PC]

    Remember Me: Video Complete Solution [360-PS3-PC]


    Capcom offers us this new action game that will see us in the role of Nilin, the beautiful protagonist of the game betrayed by the organization for which she once worked and which has now taken away her memory. Recovering the memories and defeating Nilin's enemies will not be an easy task, here is a video solution that could come in handy in the most difficult moments of the game.

    In this video complete solution of Remember me for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC it is possible to see all the gaming action through videos. Below you can see the first 3 parts of the Video solution, while clicking on the link at the bottom of the article you can access the complete playlist of the solution.


    Please note: the solution is based on the English version of the game. Beware of SPOILERS !!!




    click on the link below to see the rest of the Video Solution

    Remember Me's solution continues here

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