Saints Row 4 (IV): cheat codes [360-PS3-PC]

Saints Row 4 (IV): cheat codes [360-PS3-PC]


Saints Row returns to our consoles and PCs with this even crazier and irreverent fourth chapter.

As in the previous episode, also in Saints Row 4 it's possible use codes to activate cheats of all kinds through the appropriate menu. Some cheats come directly from the predecessor (infinite money, infinite sprint, etc), but there is no shortage of completely new tricks like the trick that makes corpses fly in the air, or the one that turns all pedestrians into pimps and prostitutes (yes, the level of discussion is always high when it comes to Saints Row).

To use the cheats in Saints Row IV proceed as follows: pause the game, go to the "Extras" menu, then in "Add cheat" enter one of the codes indicated in the list below. If you have entered the code correctly you will hear a confirmation tone.

Remember that when you activate the cheats the Achievements and Trophies are disabled, so everything you do will not count towards the achievement of the results. Furthermore, with the tricks active, the autosave is also disabled, but it will still be possible to manually save the game.

For other guides on this game, see the Saints Row 4 cheats and guides tab.

GAMEPLAY cheat codes 
ASCII mode: ascii
Add Money ($ 100,000): cheese
Infinite stroke: runfast
Reset notoriety: goodygoody
Unlock and buy all non-super upgrades: unlockitall
In heaven (corpses in the air): fryhole
Bumper cars mode: evilcars
Everyone goes crazy: insanecity
The glitch is fixed: noglitchcity
Big Heads Mode: bigheadmode
Increase Game Speed: fastforward
Add Warden: instant wards
Who you kill explodes: notrated (DOES NOT WORK)
WORLD cheat codes
Pedestrians are all mascots: mascot
Pedestrians are all pimps and prostitutes: hohoho

SUPER POWERS cheat codes
Unlock the super power Telekinesis: supertk
Unlock Super Stomp Power: superstomp
Unlock Super Blast Power: superblast
Unlock Super Buff Power: superbuff
Disable movement super powers: nosupermove
Disable elemental superpowers: nosuperpowers
Unlock the Death from Above super power: superdfa
Unlock all super movement powers: supermove (DOES NOT WORK)

Cheat codes to unlock VEHICLES
Destroy vehicles easily: isquishyou
Repair all damage to the car: repaircar
No damage to the vehicle: vroom
Unlock the Hover car in the garage: givehovercar
Unlock the Hover tank vehicle in the garage: givehovertank
Unlock the UFO vehicle in the garage: giveufo
Unlock the Trouble vehicle in the garage: givetrouble
Unlock the Monster vehicle in the garage: givemonster

Cheat codes to unlock WEAPONS
Add a weapon set: letsrock

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