SIE London Studio working on a new AAA IP for PlayStation 5?

    SIE London Studio working on a new AAA IP for PlayStation 5?

    According to what has emerged in the last few hours, SIE London Studio could finally abandon virtual reality and have the opportunity to work on a totally new project on PlayStation 5, with the main focus on the online multiplayer component. As you well know, the British development team has for now only conducted minor works, with some notable exceptions, such as Blood and truth and series The Getaway. Moreover, for the uninitiated, the guys from SIE London Studio have also made the demo of Eight Day, presented for PS3 but never became a real game.

    It would seem that the fortunes of the software house may be brighter and more promising in the near future. Analyzing the company's Linkedin profile, according to a recent report by Twisted Voxel, the latter suggests that the team is working on a major project not yet announced for PlayStation 5 and that it will offer an online multiplayer component. Job listings suggest SIE London Studio is looking for a Lead 3D Character Artist, a Senior Gameplay Programmer it's a Lead Online Programmer.

    The interesting part is that all the job announcements mention the development of a new AAA game, which is a real first for the British team, although Blood and truth has been positively received by critics, it was absolutely not comparable (in terms of budget) to the most famous IPs of Sony. At the moment there is very little information on the project not yet announced, but the voice "Lead Online Programmer" suggests there will be an implementation of multiplayer in their new game. We report below what is present in the job announcement:

    As a Lead Online Programmer, you will work together across multiple disciplines within our engine and game teams to lead the development of the online features needed for our next big title. These features could include networked physics and animation systems, game logic, matchmaking, and session management, among others.

    This brings us to the Linkedin profile of David Skilton, who currently holds the role of VFX Lead di SIE Europe. His profile mentions an unannounced PS5 game. Could this be the same IP as SIE London Studio? At the moment we have no confirmation of his involvement, but according to the information on his page he would have recently been working on the “Next Generation Scripted GPU Particle Creation Tool for PS5” for this game, along with a couple of other activities.



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