Skyrim - Cheat Codes [PC]

    Skyrim - Cheat Codes [PC]

    Skyrim - Cheat Codes [PC] Here are the codes for the command console on PC.

    Skyrim - Cheat Codes [PC]

    The unstoppable flow of guides dedicated to the immense continues Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Today we take care of the reader friends who play on PC with the list of cheat codes to be used in the command console.

    There are several tricks and some are also very interesting: from the God mode (infinite life), to the trick to add Gold, and to that to unlock all spells. Do you have your mouth watering? Let's go

    To use the cheats on PC the procedure is this: during the game you must first open the command console by pressing the key "", then enter the code you are interested in and press enter to activate it. Press the button again to return to the game.

    TGM God mode (infinite life)
    TCL no-clip mode (you will go through the walls)
    unlock opens doors or baskets (click on the door, then insert the cheat)
    psb unlock all spells and screams
    advlevel go up 1 level
    caqs automatically completes all stages of the primary quest
    showracemenu show character creation menu (reset skills and levels)
    tfc access to the flight cam
    tcai disable enemy AI
    tdetect if you steal or carry out other crimes no one will find out
    movetoqt you will go directly to the target of the current quest
    kill immediately kills the target enemy while executing the command
    killall kills all nearby enemies
    resurrect resurrect the framed character while executing the command
    removeallitems strips the framed character of objects and clothes
    sexchange change of sex
    player.setlevel ### set level (replace ### with the level of the desired character)
    player.setav health ### allows you to increase health (put the desired value in place of ###)
    player.additem 0000000f"###" adds gold (replace ### with the desired value between 1 and 999)
    player.additem 0000000a"###" adds picks (replace ### with the desired value between 1 and 100)
    player.additem ITEM"###" see note below


    NOTE: for the trick player.additem ITEM "###" you have to put the code of the object you want to appear instead of ###. the list of objects with their codes is practically infinite and for this reason we have uploaded a text file containing the complete list. You can download the file at this address.

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