Spaceship parts location (50 total)

    GTA 5: Spaceship Parts Guide [360-PS3]

    Spaceship parts location (50 total)


    Continuing the story of Grand Theft Auto V, at some point you will meet a character named Omega. The guy will give you a quest, asking you to search around the map of parts of a spaceship.

    The mission to complete to start the search for the UFO parts is called "Far Out One", the pieces to find there are 50 in total. Remember that if you go to the place where one of these parts is without first starting the Omega mission you will NOT find anything. When you have collected them all, you will unlock the trophy / object "From Deep Space: Retrieve and deliver all parts of the spaceship ".

    In this guide, with the help of some videos, we see where exactly all the parts of the spaceship to be collected in GTA 5 are located.

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    Spaceship parts location (50 total)You will start the mission with Franklin, but you can continue the search with the other characters as well. When you are close to a piece to be collected you will hear a particular sound effect.

    Spaceship parts location (50 total)

    Alternatively, we also recommend this video which always shows the position of all the pieces to be collected.

    What do you get when all parts of the spaceship are found?

    After you have collected the last piece (as already mentioned there are 50 in total) Omega will contact you and ask you to go and find it. The reward for finding all the pieces of the spaceship will be the weird super-futuristic buggy that responds in a quite particular way to gravity and that you can see in action in the following video

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