Spellforce 3: Fallen God - Review of the second expansion of the game

Spellforce 3: Fallen God - Review of the second expansion of the game

The saga of SpellForce he has already completed his tenth birthday, and in 2017 we saw the release of the third installment of the series. Game that continues to be updated and carried forward even now after three years thanks to the release of its second expansion: Fall God. Obviously also developed this by Grimlore Games, the new expansion dedicated to the opera will make us live an adventure in the world of Eo in which we will play the role of one new faction.

A new point of view

SpellForce has always been rightly identified as a hybrid saga, and this new expansion makes no difference; in fact we will have to deal with one again strategic in real time however characterized by classic elements rpg. We will be able to customize our characters with armor, objects, weapons and so on, but the gameplay will always remain that of a classic style title Warcraft: in vision isometric and with the possibility of control more troops at a time. In this case, moreover, the first time it happens in the series, we will have to captain Akrog and his tribe of troll, beings in appearance primitive and from the enormous brute force, very similar to the orcs of the aforementioned Warcraft.

Spellforce 3: Fallen God - Review of the second expansion of the game

We said "appearance" because although from the beginning one would expect to control creatures from enormous strength, but from the low intelligence, it is not so; indeed, we will soon find ourselves reading relatively well-structured dialogues. Not that this is an essential element for the game, but when we noticed it we were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed. As mentioned before, we will be dealing with a village of troll, which are now close to extinction: between poachers e pandemic viruses our protagonists do not find themselves in good waters. And it is precisely at the death of his father, king of the tribe, that Akrog will take his place and our adventure will begin in which we will have to try to bring one back to life divinity fall in order to give back hope it's new vitality to the various clans.

A gameplay for almost everyone

History plays a role, as always fundamental also in this new expansion of Spellforce 3, reconnecting to the various backgrounds and managing to integrate perfectly in the now well-developed game world of the brand. But if you are of the new recruits and you were fascinated, or even just interested, in the last chapter of the saga even if you didn't have it never even touched the vast world of SpellForce, do not worry. This in fact is a perfect product stand-alone, you can play it quietly without knowing anything about your surroundings, the game itself will take care of educating you on all you will see as you go along with the story. However, the veterans are not left to themselves, as the expansion is also full of many easter egg and references that the lovers of the series they will surely appreciate.

However, everything could be heavy for those who are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience made up of endless clashes that take place one after the other. Cutscene e dialogues they will play a role very relevant during the game, going to equate itself with material collection, troop training, village enlargement and fighting, making it all very pleasant, but even more slow. The difficulty, on the other hand, is great stimulating; we will have to be able to join in immediately resource management, scouting, preparation of strategies, renewal of troops e play time. There won't be too much space for relaxation and the good life, trolls are tireless and they are counting on us to survive! The game mechanics remain almost the same, now the same since the first chapter of SpellForce.

Spellforce 3: Fallen God - Review of the second expansion of the game

This is both good and bad: obviously it remains a solution run-in ed effective, which has demonstrated its value over the years and which certainly can please fans, but which at the same time risks not being able to attract a lot of novices who want to get closer to the brand, although of course this is a particularly subjective thing. Point of merit for the sector multiplayer that, although it is not the fulcrum of this videogame genre - albeit for SpellForce we could make a small exception - in this case it turns out pleasant e stimulant.

Technical sector

From the technical point of view there is very little to say, Grimlore Games did an amazing job with this Spellforce 3: Fallen God. The plot is written with great care and appears even better exposed, with the possibility for the player toinfluence events of history through their choices, a long series of decisions that will then flow into one of the final multiples possible, all quite interesting e satisfactory. But if the plot is excellent, the graphic rendering is even better. Full of meticulous details and landscapes developed with great care and attention, everything that appears on screen makes the immersion particularly pleasant, thanks also to vfx and really nice special effects. Even the skin e texture of the characters are made very well, allowing us to be able to distinguish the various troll for theirs characteristic signs.

Unfortunately the latter is a detail that is lost a bit when the view is very wide, but obviously we are talking about a detail with which we have to live with given the playful genre to which the production is closest. Finally, we come to talk about the sound sector, which on the whole appears to be successful, although it would be appropriate to make a distinction between dialogues - really excellent in our opinion - and the music, with the latter that although they result very spot on and in terms of the setting, every now and then they risk falling back into the most disheartening repetitiveness of the background. Spellforce 3: Fallen God it is only available for pc on Steam, and does not require very stringent minimum requirements to be played.

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