Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - The final video of all characters

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - The final video of all characters


You have already finished Tekken Tag Tournament 2 with your favorite character? Do you intend to finish it 51 more times?

Those who answered YES to the question can also move on, this article is of no use to them, all the others pick up their orecchiette!

As you well know, since the very first chapter of the series, the reward for completing the main mode of the game with a certain character consists of a short video that sees him as the protagonist and that somehow closes the story of that fighter. These are mostly short clips overflowing with humor, only possible in a Japanese game made by Japanese (by the way, don't miss the one of Kuma, deadly). 

If you really can't finish the game with all the characters (as explained in the character guide there are more than 50) but you are curious to see anyway the final sequences of each the video that we propose below is just what you need.

If you want to see a particular character, refer to the timeline below which tells you at which minute of the video you find the fighter you are interested in. Good vision

For those who still have not understood this video shows the endings of each character.


Roger Jr: 00:07
Raven: 01:47
Bruce: 02:59
Steve Fox: 03:33
Paul: 05:17
Bob: 07:02
Nina: 09:09
Wang: 10:55
Asuka: 14:53
Kazuya: 16:54
Jun: 17:42
Heihachi: 18:35
Jin: 19:45
Devil Jin: 20:26
King: 21:03
Marduk: 21:37
Leo: 22:39
Hwoarang: 24:40
Eddy: 25:51
Lee: 27:41
Lei: 28:58
Also: 29:59
Mokujin: 31:20
Yoshimitsu: 32:42
Jack-6: 33:24
Bryan: 34:57
Marshall Law: 36:14
Miguel: 37:18
Anna: 38:19
Xiaoyu: 39:24
Lili: 42:18
Lars: 45:33
Ogre: 47:02
Jinpachi: 47:38
Alisa: 48:49
Jaycee: 50:33
Armor King: 52:33
Ganryu: 53:28
Zalfina: 54:59
Baek: 55:46
Christie: 57:49
Dragunov: 59:52
Feng: 01:01:03
Panda: 01:02:35
Forest Law: 01:05:19
P.Jack: 01:07:23
Combot: 01:08:45
Alex: 01:10:52
Ancient Ogre: 01:12:17
Angel: 01:13:26
Michelle: 01:14:39

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