The Solus Project - Review

    The Solus Project - Review

    How many sentences could a man say if, due to an unfortunate accident, he would have to be alone on an unknown planet, without knowing in the least where he is or how to get out of there? Many things could be said. "I'm afraid", "Why me?", "Why did I get here?", "What have I done wrong?", "Is anyone here?", "Am I alone?". These are precisely the questions that The Solus Project will make you pose.

    The phrases would be many, but the first instinct of any human is to survive, try to stay alive by adapting to circumstances and trying to find out as much as possible of the unknown place where you are now lost.

    The Solus Project - Review

    Know the world around you and know yourself

    "How to survives in a place completely unknown and foreign to man? "

    As soon as we "land" (even if quite abruptly, if we can say), we will find a PDA near our landing point, which will be of vital help during the entire gaming experience: in fact it allows us to know perfectly the environmental conditions such as Temperature, Wind Speed ​​and Humidity, also providing us with various details about ours health, such as Health Points, Hunger, Thirst, Sleep and Body Temperature. Based on this information we should know how to adapt, using the various objects at our disposal in a more or less different way.

    Everything is useful, nothing indispensable

    “How will the found objects around the world?"

    This is the most important question in the game. Objects found around the map they are not willing at random (some superfluous may even seem out of place, but important objects have very precise locations and, above all, they have one purpose very specific. By aiming at an object we could know all information that concern it, so if it has one or more uses, what nature it is, if it has any particular physical characteristics (flexible, heavy, etc.) or if it is possible to interact with it through other tools in your inventory. In The Solus Project, making the wrong choice when it comes to crafting one item over another could cost a lot!

    The Solus Project - Review

    Objects and environment: an unbreakable bond

    "Like the objects will affect the environment usable? "

    A very important topic to deal with since, if you do not know a minimum of the game dynamics, at the beginning of the experience it could also happen to be disoriented and loom in some misfortunes (personal experience that occurred at the beginning of the game). Well, perhaps the feature that I loved most of all The Solus Project is that the instruments we found or crafted they will have effects corresponding to reality. Let me explain better, it is not really easy to express this concept. There are objects with certain characteristics that can be exploited to our advantage in the map, but this time we go beyond placing a heavy object on a platform to keep it active (even if some sessions of this kind are present, a bit of nostalgia) ; the game the functioning evolves of anything: do we craft a flashlight and turn it on? Well, the fire will increase the ambient temperature, "burn" the humidity (both of these values ​​are then linked in turn to the strength of the wind and the weather conditions), consequently increase our body temperature and dry us if we were wet ... but it doesn't end there. Does our body temperature rise? Well, the value of water present in our body will also decrease faster, consequently increasing the need to hydrate.

    All this round of numerical connections (because in the end this is what they are) will make the experience truly intriguing, making us feel active protagonists of the adventure, given that a multitude of elements that many people neglect have been taken into consideration, such as that the light emitted by some types of crystals produces humidity. It was a really nice surprise to find so many details in this game, a job well done.

    The Solus Project - Review

    The world around us

    “And all this experience where it will be set? "

    The setting of the story is, in my opinion, another of the strengths of the title, again thanks to the attention to detail and details.

    Il planet on which we will find ourselves missing it does not present great characteristics, or at least as far as life is concerned surface: in fact, in addition to the fragments of our spaceship and various pieces of satellites scattered here and there around the globe, what will remain to be admired is the huge and uncontaminated extension of natural environments, really well cared for in an almost poetic way. It is true that many patterns repeat themselves, but they are not glued here and there without a reason; instead they are all well regulated and arranged in a very orderly manner, to the point of being able to define the landscape even as poetic and harmonious. In fact, "Strolling" on the surface we would not have that sense of "Oh, but here everything is the same, I've been walking for hours", on the contrary instead, we will always seem to be in a different place, always with some secret to discover, and trust us , there are not a few secrets and goodies to discover in the game.

    The Solus Project - Review

    The surface is just the beginning

    "Is there anything besides the world that will be presented to us at the beginning of the game?"

    Well, if you thought that The Solus Project was limited to being a survival set on a vast planet to be explored and toured, I'm sorry to tell you, but you'll have to change your mind: in addition to the world that we will be able to see on the surface, there is a underworld somewhat labyrinthine to be explored and certainly much more distressing and anxious than the relative calm that reigns on the sweet beaches of the planet. In this underground world we will have the opportunity to meet the remains of an ancient civilization and to be able to explore catacombs full of elements that will only intrigue us more and more.

    Our lonely mission

    “What will ours be task as a survivor? "

    Our task will be simple, almost obvious it can be said. Find all possible clues around the world, search for survivors and find a way to call for help and go home. There will be clues, like letters, that will allow us to understand if someone has already been on the ground we are stepping on. The rest is intuition and skill, I don't want to add anything else so as not to spoil the surprise.

    The Solus Project - Review

    At this point I can say that The Solus Project is a really nice game, almost original, which belongs to a type of videogames that are not suitable for everyone; In fact, at the moment I feel I can recommend it only to the most eager for inner knowledge, to those who with their minds can travel to other planets and who, even if through a screen, want to try this experience. It is a game for survival enthusiasts, but it will be the perfect title for those who love to dream, those who really manage to create a new planet with their mind.

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