Trophy Guide / "Full Team" Objective

    Guide "Team Full" The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, all allies in Kaer Morhen

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    Here is another of The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt achievements / trophies that you risk skipping unintentionally.

    Trophy Guide / "Full Team" Objective

    During Act II you will receive four side quests from the "Brothers in Arms" questline, after the main story quest called "Ugly baby" has been completed and you are about to set sail for the Island. of the fog. It is this point in the story that you will be asked to recruit allies for the upcoming battle against The Wild Hunt in Act III.

    To unlock the "Team complete" achievement, it is necessary to complete a series of side missions and subplots to recruit ALL possible allies, first of all Keira Metz and Triss Merigold who are also the easiest to lose.

    Find below the names of the 7 allies to be recruited with indicated what must be done with each of them to ensure their presence in Kaer Morhen.

    Kiera Metz

    • Go back to Kiera's hut in No Man's Land and talk to her. Be sure to complete the following missions from her subplot (for more help follow Keira Metz's mission guide):
      • Side Mission: An Invitation from Kiera Metz (an invitation from Keira Metz)
      • Side Quest: A Favor for a Friend
      • Secondary Mission: For the Advancement of Learning
        • At the end of this mission, be sure to convince Kiera to go to Kaer Morhen

    Vernon Roche + Ves

    • Find the hideout in a rocky gully northeast of Oxenfurt. Make sure you complete this mission:
      • Side Quest: An Eye for an Eye
        • once completed both Roche and Ves will agree to help you and will come to Kaer Morhen.

    Zoltan Chivay

    • Zoltan is more than willing to help you, so all you have to do is join him in Rosemary and Thyme (Novigrad) and recruit him.

    Triss Merigold

    • Triss is available to help, but she won't leave Novigrad until she has evacuated all the wizards. Make sure you complete these missions:
      • Main Quest: Now or Never (now or never)
        • If you completed the quest correctly, Triss will already be in Kaer Morhen and you won't even need to invite her.

    Hjalmar the Craite

    • Talk to Hjalmar in Kaer Trolde or at the coronation. If he reigns over Skellige he will have sworn to join your cause and will be in Kaer Morhen without asking. If he does NOT become King, Cerys undertakes to send him as a representative. To ensure that he or his sister becomes ruler, you will need to complete these missions:
      • Secondary Mission: The Lord of Avoidance
      • Side Mission: King's Gambit (assassination attempt)
      • Side Mission: Coronation


    • Like Zoltan, Ermion quickly agrees to join your cause. Go to Kaer Trolde in Ard Skellig to ask him to accept, or do so to Gedyneith during the "Honor" side quest.

    In addition to these there are other allies that you can recruit during the "Comrades in Arms" quest-line but many of them will refuse, in any case do not worry because the only ones needed to unlock the result are the 7 listed above.

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