Worms Rumble - Review, a new era for worms

Worms Rumble - Review, a new era for worms

The saga of Worms by now it has accomplished 25 years, and it actually starts to get a little repetitive. Despite the beautiful mechanics that made us fall in love with the series, the fact of having seen them remain unchanged all this time has made us lose some interest in the brand. Well, Worms rumble has just arrived to destroy this tradition and bring back the love for all the worms and weapons we have come to know, thanks also to a cartoonish and sparkling graphics that manages to immediately catapult us into the action.

Worms Rumble - Review, a new era for worms

A new way to play Worms

We are used to Worms games consisting of turn-based combat between two or more challenging teams, but what would happen if the clash became in real time? It is precisely this question that he wants to answer Worms rumble, proposing a title totally devoid of single player mode and with, at least for now, 3 different game modes - not counting the training - in which all conflicts will be resolved in real time. The weapons are up to date 10, choices among the most iconic of the saga: next to assault rifles, submachine gun, bazooka e shotgun in fact we will find a sheep thrower, a sparasentinelle, a plasma blaster and the iconic baseball bat. However, the classics will not be missing from the list Garnet, sacred bombs, banana bombs, grapple and jetpack, each of which is collectable and usable in the game. It is in fact possible to keep two weapons at the same time, a type of grenade and a gadget, to be able to better prepare for each fight. In addition to their arsenal, and the classic jump, the player will also have the new one available rolling, an action that, by consuming stamina, will allow you to move much faster, making us reposition ourselves at any time to be able to face a thorny situation from another point, or even just to escape from an impending guerrilla war.

Each weapon is customizable then with one of the many chroma available, each of which can be unlocked by playing the games and using the aforementioned. On the other hand, the question concerning the personalization of one's character is more complex; indeed not only will we be able to change the skin, but we will also have the possibility to modify the accessories teeth, the eyes, the morals, emote and voice, making your worm totally unique and getting noticed at every game.

Worms Rumble - Review, a new era for worms

Also a Battle Royale here?

As mentioned before, in Worms rumble there are currently 3 different game modesin addition totraining in which it will be possible to train using any type of weapon, bomb and gadget to be able to practice and be able to give your best in every situation. The first real type of game that is presented to us once we enter the menu is the Deathmatch, in which it will be possible to participate in an all against all against other 31 people in which, at the end of the 5 minutes of timer, the winner will be the one who has accumulated more kills. The gameplay is typical of one 2D arena shooter: you can collect the various weapons, bombs and accessories around the map or from dead enemies on the ground, but at the same time it will be possible to find medical kits to heal and energy drinks to create the armor. The maps are full of tunnels where to hide, lifts to move floor, escalators e ropes to cling to; the knowledge of the areas may be a little frustrating at first given the inexperience, but this feeling will be replaced immediately by satisfaction which will lead you to make a kill passing through strategic points thanks to which to surprise the opponent.

The other two game modes currently available are related to the battle royale genre, Last Worm e Last Team, of which the first in solitary against other players, while the second with a team made up of 3 people. Both share some typical characteristics of this genre: the possibility of choosing the initial spawn point, weapons, gadgets and resources randomly scattered throughout the map, the latter then which it will shrink as time passes and, unlike Deathmatch, no respawn after death. In the Ultimate Team version it will be the captain who decides where to spawn at the beginning, there is no friendly fire, and the game will only end once all three members have fallen.

Worms Rumble - Review, a new era for worms

A few small notes

The developers of the Team17 they decided to make the game cross-platform between PC e PlayStation - both 4 and 5 -, in fact, there will be no distinctions between platforms and it will be possible to play with your friends even if you play with consoles and PCs. As trivial as it may be, we want to point out that the title can be played on PC both with controller than with mouse and keyboard. For holders of a subscription Playstation Plusalso, know that the game will be downloadable for you free during the month of December together with Just Cause 4 and Rocket Arena, certainly an excellent opportunity to exploit if you like the genre. In this regard we would like to point out that currently the cost of the game on Steam and of 14,99 €, a price that actually seemed a bit excessive given the content currently available.

Worms rumble in short, it is an excellent game, very solid in the gameplay and making of the simplicity and immediacy its strengths. Despite some small balance problems among the various weapons, which is very normal since the game has just come out and that we will surely see resolved with a patch in the next period, the production appears extremely fun and challenging at a competitive level, even if a ranked system has not yet been implemented. We highly recommend it to lovers of shooter, to those of battle royale, or even simply to all those looking for a game to be able to to do with many friends to spend an evening; you will be serenely surprised by how fast time will pass in front of this title.

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