Xbox Game Pass - Guide on how to play EA Play games on PC

    Xbox Game Pass - Guide on how to play EA Play games on PC

    As the number of games in the Xbox Game passport, service EA Play became free on PC for subscribers. The latter allows you to play many titles developed or published by Electronic Arts, an industry giant that has decided to make its contribution to the division's main subscription Xbox.

    However, many players have encountered problems when trying to play the aforementioned games since the developers have not integrated the service into the Xbox App on which the Game Pass is present, thus forcing users to take further steps in order to play successfully. So let's find out in the next few lines how it is possible play EA Play games on the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

    First make sure you have the Xbox app updated to the latest version. This is usually included within Windows, so searching for it and opening it can check if further versions are available. You can or go to the Microsoft Store, in order to update it where necessary from your installed applications. From the aforementioned Store you can also download it at no cost, if you do not have it.

    Once that's done, you will need to install the EA Desktop app, accessible from here, which will allow you to install Electronic Arts games directly from the main Xbox App. Once the installation is finalized you can then search for the games in question, and download them with the help of the new app to play them, of course as long as your subscription is active. In case you wonder if a game is available or not on the EA Play catalog, just search for it on the official page, here is the link to access it.

    Hoping that the guide has been useful to you, and that you can play EA Play games on PC with ease from today, we refer you to our in-depth article on Microsoft's flagship service, you can access it through the following link.

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