All the secrets and Easter Eggs of Bioshock Infinite

All the secrets and Easter Eggs of Bioshock Infinite


Here are all the curiosities and easter eggs found in Bioshock Infinite.

The 1999 mode, now
You already know that in Bioshock Infinite after finishing the game for the first time, the 1999 "hardcore" mode is unlocked. But did you know that you can unlock it immediately by entering the Konami code in the game menu? Follow our guide dedicated to the Konami code in Bioshock Infinite.

The "pipe stripper" key
It was a little bit the symbol of the first Bioshock, the "pipe stripper" key! It may be because of its vibrant heaviness, it may be because as children being plumbers was our dream, but we all remember it a bit. The developers of the game also make it appear in Bioshock Infinite, you can see it immediately after obtaining the Vigor of the Ravens. Watch the video

It has been posticipated
It is quite recurrent as news, the games are first announced and then often postponed to a new date, a classic. Bioshock Infinite is one of these games, so much so that adding the curses addressed to its developers could fill an Olympic swimming pool. They know that they have troubled fans in a nerve-wracking wait, and they apologize with this cute easter egg. Upon entering the arcade, Elizabeth comes across the game "Flintlock", a game that represents "the last chapter of a series that has been postponed three times". Does it remind you of anyone?

The arrow in the knee
And no, and noooo! First Crysis 3, then The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and now also Bioshock Infinite. The reference is always the same, the cursed arrow in Skyrim's knee (read the guide to Crysis 3 easter eggs if you don't know what we're talking about). It seems that poor Booker also earned his nice arrow in his knee (see box delivered in his hands right at the start of the game). After all, who has never been injured at least once ............... with an arrow in the knee? The reference comes back several times in the game, check out this video

Infinite Money and Lockpick Glitches
On Bioshock Infinite there is a very simple (although not very fast) method to accumulate all the money and lock picks you want. With the same system you can also try to recover all the upgrades for Booker. Find all these guides in the cheats tab of Bioshock Infinite.

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