Saints Row 4: All the Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

    Saints Row 4: All the Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

    Saints Row 4: All the Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]


    The one through the curiosities and easter eggs present in Saints Row 4 will be a long and fascinating journey. Even in hiding references to various films and secrets of all kinds, the developers have put their creative skills to the ground, and the result is a fantastic mix of madness, goliardism and nonsense.

    So here we are ready to discover all the secrets and easter eggs in Saints Row IV.

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    The secret room of the developers
    There is a secret room that hides portraits of the game's developers, as well as a powerful gun to say the least. This pistol is a very similar prototype to the mini pistol seen in Man in Black, and judging by the effects, it turns out to be just as POWERFUL. Here's how to find Saints Row 4's secret developer room.

    The Penetrator, the flying broom and the GAT Mobile
    The Penetrator I'm sure you already know, if not, get a culture. The flying broom is a clear reference to Harry Potter's "quidditch", while the GAT Mobile is the coolest minibus in history. Find out how they unlock with our secret vehicle guide.

    Riferimento a Mass Effect
    You may not know that Keith David (the vice president in the game) is a real actor, and that this actor voiced the character of Captain Anderson from Mass Effect. If you have read our guide to love stories you also know that Keith is the only character in the game with which it is not possible to "finish". Watch this video showing her reaction to the proposal ...

    What is Love? Baby don't hurt me....
    Would you ever have said that? The mythical song of the mythical Haddaway which is the background to a game sequence in which you escape from an alien ship aboard a spacecraft. Yes, this also happens in Saints Row 4. The sequence is impossible to miss because it is at the beginning of the game, watch it on video

    Dead Island reference
    After the main story mission "Executive Orders" go talk to Keith David. Keep doing this for several times, until the vice president starts talking about how much he loves playing Dead Island.

    References to the Terminator and Armageddon movies
    The beginning of the "Zero Saints Thirty" mission is a very clear reference to Terminator with the lava scene. After this sequence, it turns to another sensational reference to the movie "Armageddon", with the sequence in which you find yourself defusing a nuclear rocket with the bare force of your hands, the soundtrack of the Aerosmith included in the price. Here is the video

    Reference to the Space Invaders game
    This too is impossible to miss. In the first few minutes of the game you will have to control the anti-aircraft turrets of the White House, shooting down the aliens lined up above you in perfect Space Invaders style. Watch the video

    Reference to the game Streets of Rage
    In the main story mission "... The very next day" you will find yourself playing a revised and corrected version of the famous 2D scrolling fighting game "Streets of Rage". If you are little you will not remember it, if so, you do not know that you are lost. Here is the video sequence

    Reference to the Matrix
    Towards the end of the second Matrix movie (or was it at the end of the first? No, at the end of the third, maybe ...), however, if you've seen the Matrix trilogy you can't help but remember the scene where Neo penetrates the body and in Agent Smith's mind. More or less the same thing will happen every time you kill a Guardian in Saints Row 4. Watch the video

    Minecraft game reference
    During one of the game's missions you will have to kill a very particular target, a character who does a lot (but really a lot) Minecraft. Watch the video

    Other references
    There are so many that the list risks becoming too long to read. There is a phrase quoted directly from the Riddick movie, a motorcycle identical to those of the movie Tron, a "WTF" that appears in a mission over the head of the enemies that is so reminiscent of the exclamation points of the Metal Gear Rising series, and certainly more. still.

    If you have discovered something curious that we have not mentioned, the comments below are the right weapon to improve this guide!

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