Trick to earn Gold in Fable Anniversary

Fable Anniversary: ​​tricks to earn infinite money


Also for Fable Anniversary we have found a trick that allows you to earn a lot of easy easy money.

Trick to earn Gold in Fable Anniversary

Method 1: buying and selling houses
Do exactly as explained below:

1) Go to any city in the game and buy a house (in the video below the house is in Oakvale)
2) After buying the house, start improving it. The more upgraded it is, the more memorabilia you can put inside
3) Unsheathe your weapon and bust the door. Yes, you have to break the door of the house you just bought
4) In the house, press UP on the D-pad on the pad to place your most precious trophies in the house. Press RIGHT on the D-pad to use the trophies
5) Exit the house leaving the trophies inside and sell the house. In this way you will collect a greater sum than the one paid to buy it, because you have left the trophies inside.
6) Now, as we are true crime wizards, go back inside (the door is broken, remember) and get your trophies back.
7) repeat the procedure from point 1 as many times as you want, to earn the difference between the purchase cost of the house and the selling cost each time

The whole process is shown in the following video

Method 2: buy and sell items
This is another way to make money in Fable that can also be used Fable Anniversary. You will need some starting Gold, as well as having the cunning statistic that is at least 4 (better if higher). This is important because thanks to this attribute you can buy items and resell them to the same sellers at higher prices.

As shown in the following video, it is possible to buy items of great value such as emeralds and the like, and then return to Oakvale to resell them. The more items of the same type a seller has, the more expensive these items are, the more you will earn when you resell them. A great shop for this is the Knothole Glade in Bowerstone, although another example is given in the video.

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